It'll take 400 years to transform our energy system

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It'll take 400 years to transform our energy system

Unread postby boomersooner » Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:48 pm

From Technology review:

Instead of the roughly 1,100 megawatts of carbon-free energy per day likely needed to prevent temperatures from rising more than 2 ˚C, as the 2003 Science paper by Caldeira and his colleagues found, we are adding around 151 megawatts. That’s only enough to power roughly 125,000 homes.

At that rate, substantially transforming the energy system would take, not the next three decades, but nearly the next four centuries.

Frankly, I hope not it won't take that long to ween off our coal, natural gas and petroleum reserves, but not(personally) due to climate change fear, but because we will need our carbon resources for a very long time, and using them for our energy needs until we run out, has been likened to burning up our best furniture hard wood.

I was most struck by the following paragraph down the page, not that it's something I've not been informed about by other sources, but because it is something that after previous denial of the issue by Anthropogenic Climate Change advocates, it has been increasingly a thorn in their hopes for immediate changeover to so-called "green" energy( which I would call "retro-energy").

Beyond the vexing combination of economic, political, and technical challenges is the basic problem of overwhelming scale. There is a massive amount that needs to be built, which will suck up an immense quantity of manpower, money, and materials.

As you will see from reading, the paper's authors have conspicuously included the required quotient of dire prognostication.

For the article:

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I have no issue with an intelligent assignment of taxpayer funded resources into Research and Development of practical new energy sources. They might be able to afford it if they took some of what I see as wasted "me too" CO2 research. Everything under the research sun has been justified by "climate" and CO2 . Spend some of those $$ on ALL of the various other areas of causation, including natural variability **(which we do not understand**) and Energy R&D.


I would include oceanography. Ocean currents are a major determinate of our changing weather and climate; yet our knowledge gap wrt the planet's oceans is huge.
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Re: It'll take 400 years to transform our energy system

Unread postby GBDU » Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:00 am

Good one Boomer, however,
Let not a person have any illusions that we will see change things in the foreseeable future.
Big oil money and the likes will stifle all solutions in order for short term gains (think $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)
Lots of decent and normal folks would love to see us get off oil and gas
And although windparks are to be found anywhere (great view isn't it..pfffffffff) and solar parks (in which China is leading btw) we are still busy on the fast road to destruction of this planet.
I feel sorry for future generations as they will have to deal with the mess which is all around now.
For all the good intents of those who are willing to make dramatic and needed changes, it will all be stopped by those with a vested investment in the current ways, money money money!
And as long as assclown Trump is your "leader" nothing much will change for the better in the US of A.

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Re: It'll take 400 years to transform our energy system

Unread postby toechief » Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:10 am

Survival: Climate Change | Daniel Schrag

Humans and our institutions are ill prepared for the multiple timescales of climate change. More than half of the carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels will remain there for a thousand years, and roughly 20% will be there for tens of thousands of years. Even if carbon dioxide emissions ceased today, the climate would continue to warm for hundreds to thousands of years as oceans slowly warm and ice melts. And it will take at least a century to decarbonize our economy, even with ideal political and economic conditions given the scale of infrastructure required. Taking these timescales into account, attention to what has been called “climate adaptation” is essential. This adaptation will also drive profound changes in ecosystems and in social systems. This talk is part of the Survival symposium, a series of talks focusing on evolution and the challenges of building a better, safer and more survivable future.

The rest of the story:

Professor Denis Rancourt; Simply Climate Change
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